At JKG Land Berhad, JKG Land Group of Companies and JKG Land Group of Companies associates (hereinafter referred to as “ the Company”, we strived to protect your personal data and make it our highest priority to protect it. In regards to collection, use and storage of your personal data, we take into account your rights as prescribed in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA).


This Privacy Notice (hereinafter referred to as “this Notitce”) issued to all our valued / prospective customers sets out how our Company collects, uses, and protects your Personal Data which you have provided to the Company and/or requested by the Company. In the course of your dealings with the Company, you hereby consent to the processing of your Personal Data by the Company.

1.      Purpose of Processing of Personal Data

1.1     We will request from you data and information about yourself

        (“Personal Data”) in the course of your dealings with the Company

        and / or its subsidiaries, as our valued customers / prospective

        customers for the following purposes:-

  1. Enable us to enter into transaction with you;
  2. Enable us to deliver the necessary notices, services and/or
    products in connection with our business;
  3. Planning purposes in connection with future products;
  4. New products launches;
  5. Promotional events with business partners within our projects.

1.2    It is voluntary for you to provide us with your Personal Data.

        However if you do not wish to provide us with your Personal Data,

        the Company may not be able to:-

  1. Transact with you;
  2. Provide you with the necessary notices; or
  3. Communicate with you effectively.


1.3    If you do not agree or consent to the Company processing

        your Personal Data for the purpose set out above, please notify

        the Company by contacting the Company via contact details set

        out in para 4.2 below.


2.     Personal Data


2.1    The Personal Data subjected to PDPA includes but not limited to the followings:-

  1. Name;
  2. Date of Birth;
  3. Identity Card (NRIC Number);
  4. Address;
  5. Gender;
  6. Race;
  7. Nationality;
  8. E-mail Address;
  9. Employment Status:
  10. Marital Status / Spouse particulars;
  11. Monthly Income;
  12. EPF Number;
  13. SOCSO Number;
  14. Bank Account Information
  15. Credit Details/Creditworthiness; etc…


2.2   In addition to the Personal Data mentioned above, the Company

       will also be collecting, processing and/or sourcing your Personal Data

       from various sources, including but not limited to the followings;-

  1. Agreements and contract for sale and purchase of our products;
  2. Official registration forms for new launches or property roadshows,
    exhibitions, or any other promotional activities;
  3. Official request for information forms that are provided to you
    by our employees or agents;
  4. Any emails or any other correspondences that we have received
    from you requesting for information or making any inquiries;
  5. At events organized or participated by the Company;
  6. Companies Commission of Malaysia; or
  7. National Registration Department of Malaysia.


2.3   With regards to Personal Data of third parties such as but not limited
        to your spouse and family members, you warrant that you

        have obtained their consent allowing us to process their

        Personal Data and you will extend a copy of this Notice to them.


3.     Disclosure of Personal Data


3.1    Your Personal Data provided to the Company or obtained by the

        Company shall be kept confidential by the Company. However, the

        Company may engage third party companies, service providers or

        individuals to perform certain services on behalf of the Company.

        In such event, you hereby agree and consent that the Company

        may disclose and transfer your Personal Data to the third parties,

        within or outside Malaysia, including but not limited to the followings:-

  1. Bank and other financial institutions;
  2. Insurance providers;
  3. Our business partners;
  4. Any related companies, associated companies or subsidiaries
    of the Company;
  5. External advisors and other professional advisors;
  6. Our sub-contractors or third party service providers as may
    determine to be necessary or appropriate; or
  7. Third party property management companies/entities in respect
    of management of property that you purchased.


3.2   The Company shall also disclose and transfer the information to

        any statutory bodies, regulatory bodies and/or governmenal

        bodies where legally required to do so.


4.     Request for Access and Inquiries


4.1    You have the right to request access to and correction of your

        Personal Data, or limit the processing of your Personal Data by

        the Company, as the case may be, however subject to the exceptions

        and restrictions as may be contained under the applicable law.


4.2   If you wish to do so, please contact us at:-

           JKG Land Berhad

           Wisma Keladi, No. 11-A,

           Level 7, Jalan Bank

           08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah

           Tel : (6)04-4232813

           Fax: (6)04-4233118



4.3   Please note that the Company has the right to refuse your request

        to access and/or make any correction to your Personal Data to

        the extent permitted under the applicable law


5.     General


5.1    The company reserves the right to amend or modify this Notice from

        time to time.